Zero Hour - The King of Cocaine - The Truth Behind Columbia's Cocaine Trade [DVD]

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THE KING OF COCAINE - To some, Pablo Escobar was the greatest criminal in history. A brutal man who terrorized, tortured and murdered thousands as the billionaire king of the Columbian cocaine racket. To others he was a Robin Hood – giving back to the poor, the money made from selling drugs to the spoiled and decadent rich. Hot on Escobar’s trail is a father and son team. They are leading an elite squad of Colombian police that have tracked the King of Cocaine for more than five years. Based on the testimony of those who were there that day and transcripts of Escobar’s telephone conversations, this programme offers an intense, second-by-second reconstruction of the Drug Lord’s final hour – an hour that builds relentlessly to Escobar’s bloody end in a storm of bullets.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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