WW1: The War to End All Wars [DVD]

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Journey back to the dawn of modern warfare. From the muddy bomb craters and barbed wire of no-man s-land to the horror of the trenches and the mass-slaughter of a generation, World War I remains history s most tragic and poignant conflict. Sparked by the assassination of an archduke, The Great War of 1914-18 sucked country after country into the fighting until much of Europe, the Middle East and the world beyond became a grim theatre of devastation. This collection really brings the horror of war to life. From the first dogfighters, the Red Baron and the infamous airships all the way to The Battle of The Somme, Jutland and the final day of fighting, a combination of interviews, dramatic re-enactments and incredible archive footage tells some of the most defining and compelling stories of The Great War. Features 11 fascinating documentaries on 6 DVDs

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