World War II: Hitler - A Strategy of Failure [DVD]

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Adolf Hitler is more closely associated with World War II than any other individual. Is such recognition deserved or was he just a small cog in a far larger machine? Was he personally responsible for triggering the largest and darkest conflict in human history? This fascinating documentary follows Hitler s rise and fall; from his school days to becoming leader of the Nazi party and Fuhrer of Germany, to the outbreak of World War II and the decisions that ultimately led to his final downfall.

This documentary reveals how one man s sheer force of will became the will of an entire nation. This led to the invasion of Poland, which eventually paved the way for the outbreak of World War II, as Hitler continued his expansion of Germany across Europe. But, from a position of incredible strength and territorial gain, Hitler wanted more and began to make strategic mistakes as he embarked upon military action against Britain and Russia. These decisions would prove to be two large factors in the fall of Nazi Germany, contributing significantly towards Hitler s final strategy for failure.

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