Wheeler Dealers: Series 10 [DVD]

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Mike starts with a handy £5,000 and then goes on the hunt for a decent motor for the price looking through the small ads, internet auctions, specialist clubs and garage forecourts to find the perfect second hand car.

Once Mike's found the right car, he uses all his canny experience to negotiate the best price, then it's back to the Wheeler Dealers workshop where Edd casts his expert eye over what Mike has dredged up because there are usually more than a few bits and pieces that need a bit of work.

Edd then starts on the renovation, giving tips along the way about electrics, structural issues, mechanics, cosmetic touches and finishing work.

When all the work is done, the boys clean it up, get a new MOT and get behind the wheel to take the revamped motor for a test drive. Mike has then got to go out and find a willing punter and get them to part with their cash giving some more essential advice about how to sell a second-hand motor.

Brand new series for 2013, never released on DVD.

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