Virtually Healed [DVD-R] [2015]

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Another dimension really does exist. Its the world of virtual reality. In this programme you will see how this technology merges with medicine to help diagnose and treat patients with a range of illnesses and disorders. A Vietnam vet with post-traumatic stress disorder revisits the battlefield by donning a headset. With it, he sees computer-generated rice paddies. He can manoeuvre through them by pushing a button. He also hears enemy gunfire, which adds to the authenticity. He is facing his fears by confronting them. But virtual reality offers a safe and controlled way to do that. Psychologists, in particular, have found many ways to use virtual reality. Patients who are afraid of flying, or heights, can take virtual airplane trips or elevator rides in order to be cured of phobias. Virtual reality is still in its infancy. But already surgeons are operating with its help. Medical students are being virtually trained. Autistic and learning disabled children are benefitting from virtual scenarios.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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