Valley Forge: The Crucible [DVD]

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During the autumn of 1776 the British Army descended on the American colonies with a vengeance, King George had unleashed a massive invasion to crush Americas rebellion once and for all. Leading the Americans against this onslaught was the 6 ft 3 commander, George Washington. Following many bruising encounters, what was left of the practically defeated, cold and malnourished American army limped into a forlorn piece of real estate 20 miles from Philadelphia known as Valley Forge. It was at this destination that the US troops would set up their winter camp. Many had felt that it would be here that the US army would finally fall to the British Empire. However, during the brutal winter of 1777 to 78, the rag tag Continental Army, encamped at Valley Forge, underwent a miraculous transformation, thanks to both the inspiring leadership of General George Washington and the intensive training of Baron Frederick Von Steuben, a Prussian aristocrat. This is the truly amazing story of how a small band of virtually beaten american soldiers defied the odds by turning the tables against the mighty British Army.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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