Under the Knife [DVD]

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This landmark series explores the frontiers of surgery - past, present and future.

'Under the Knife' is not a standard blood-and-guts documentary. The idea for the medical science series began with a fascination with surgerys origins, but soon gave way to curiosity about its future.

Programme one,' Future Cuts', is primarily about the use of new technology, and the way surgeons are using it to tackle the removal or destruction of tumors. It shows how technology is now allowing surgeons to do things like key-hole surgery “ for quite complex operations as well as the simpler ones.

In episode two, 'Broken Heart', the attention shifts to surgeons as master repairers, primarily of the heart. New experimental techniques include coronary bypasses in which the heart never stops beating, and robotic tools that improve a surgeons precision.

Finally the third programme, 'Spare Parts', looks at transplants. Ethics figure prominently in this episode, as the filmmakers look at such issues as quality-of-life transplants (versus life-saving) and the idea of growing organs.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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