UK's Toughest Jobs: Season 2

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Britain’s roughest kids take on the UK’s Toughest Jobs . In each episode, three disaffected young people are given the chance of a lifetime. Some have spent years on the dole, indolent and dabbling in drugs and petty crime. One of them could walk away with a job, but they will have to graft to succeed. From the bare mountains of Scotland to the freezing cold waters of the North Atlantic they will be tested to the limit in some of the most hostile environments known to man. To succeed the raw recruits will have their work cut out in the intense thousand-degree heat of a steelworks or amid the dust and dirt of the biggest building sites in Britain. Whether blowing-up rocks or cutting up a jumbo jet, these jobs will test their skill, endurance and determination to the limit. Their hard work will be rewarded, and if they rise to the challenge they will get not only praise from their mentors and often much-needed self-confidence, but an invaluable opportunity to work in the industry at the end.

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Category: Television

Type: Region 2 DVD

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