Tsunami in the Sky [DVD]

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The cloud is one of nature s most spectacular and mysterious phenomena, attracting sailplane, trike, and hang glider pilots from across Australia and the world, all hoping for the chance to surf it. This documentary follows the journey of six glider pilots with the desire to do just that! It can be one or it can be many, looking like a giant wave or series of waves in the sky. The waves are marked by clouds over 3,000 feet high that blow off the sea at 60 kilometres an hour. Although The Morning Glory appears to be seasonal, it can still be unpredictable, arriving with just a few sunrises per year around Burketown a small community located in Gulf Country, the low, flat, crocodile-infested coastline that borders Australia s Gulf of Carpentaria.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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