Trouble in Lemurland (DVD-R)

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High up in the mountains of north-eastern Madagascar lives one of the world's most critically endangered primates. There are less than a thousand Silky Sifakas alive today and this area of remote rainforest, known as Marojejy Anjanaharibe-Sud, is their only home. In the past, the rugged terrain here kept the Silkies relatively safe, but things are now changing at an alarming pace. This magical place is under serious threat from illegal logging operations as international demand for highly sought-after rosewood and ebony increases. Unscrupulous logging gangs are encroaching on the Silkies last remaining habitat. Trouble in Lemur Land follows two men, an American primatologist and a Malagasy conservationist, on their quest to protect this rare species, at the same time providing a rare glimpse into the life of this extraordinarily beautiful and graceful animal.

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Type: Region 2 DVD

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