Treasure Quest: Snake Island

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Hidden somewhere off the south-eastern coast of Brazil could lie hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of lost Incan gold. For four hundred years many have searched, fought and died looking for this elusive bounty. But all have failed to hold onto it. Treasure Quest: Snake Island will take viewers along an epic journey with an elite team of treasure hunters who have a new theory on
where the treasure lies: a remote spot, home to thousands of deadly vipers.

Discovery Channel will follow the adventures of a group of real-life treasure seekers who set out for two months in search of this priceless booty. The team will stop at nothing – scaling peaks through the jungle, exploring treacherous caves and diving among the galleons that sunk to the ocean floor centuries ago. Treasure hunting is nearly impossible and the team will face dangers both on land and at sea. It’s a place where modern-day pirates still exist and word has got around that they are looking for treasure.

But they’re going to need more than pure brawn on this quest. The team will need to solve complex mathematical clues and puzzles protecting the treasure – the same ones that have thwarted countless others before them. But most of all, they’ll need nerves of steel as they brave one of the most deadly places in the world – where one careless step could not only cost everyone incredible riches, but also, ultimately, their lives.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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