The World's Biggest Ship: Building the Triple-E [DVD] [DVD] [2014]

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A vessel class designed for efficiency, economy of scale and environmentally improved. The World s Biggest Ship will give viewers the opportunity to see how the Triple-E was designed, the intricacies and challenges of building the ship and its eventual trials at sea and launch into operation. The Triple-E is the world s biggest ship. Built in Denmark by a team of pioneering shipbuilders, this record-breaking ship is 40% larger than existing cargo ships. Transporting everything from cars to food and trainers from the world s busiest port in Rotterdam, this wonder of the ocean changes the face of global shipping forever. Discovery Channel goes behind the scenes to explore the entire construction of the Triple-E, from the initial steel cutting ceremony to its maiden voyage. Offering an insight into the lives of many of the people involved in the different stages of the creation of this enormous ship, from the naval architect to the men and women building it in the shipyard, to one of the Captains as he prepares and trains for his role. Made with the full co-operation of the Maersk team this programme gives a fascinating insider s viewpoint of all areas of this engineering masterpiece. This series charts the epic battle to build a super ship through the eyes of the team and the use of stunning CGI animations.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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