The Ultimate Shark Collection [DVD]

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Get ready for a frenzy of shark-infested action as Discovery brings you eight programmes that go in search of the most fearsome predator to roam the sea. Within this pulsating collection you ll learn everything there is to know about the inspiration for Jaws, from the mechanics of the shark s deadliest weapon its bite to the best way to avoid becoming shark bait. Explore Rogue Theory , the idea that some sharks stop feeding on natural prey and instead turn to human flesh, while shark expert Greg Skomal follows five great whites for six months to learn more about this incredible species. Hear from those who have been attacked by sharks and lived to tell the tale, before Survivorman Les Stroud explores the eating habits of five of the most dangerous sharks patrolling the seas. Finally, follow legendary shark hunter Frank Mundus, who has landed some of the largest great white sharks ever recorded as part of his day job. At the age of 78, the retired shark hunter is ready for one last adventure.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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