The Story Of Christmas [DVD]

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Herod: Behind the Myth King Herod The Great is one of history s most famous tyrants, yet he is also celebrated as a commoner driven by soaring ambition who rose to become king of the Jews.

This dramatised documentary is the untold story of one of the greatest figures in ancient history, taking us beyond the myths and legends of his reign.

Star of Bethlehem

The Star of Bethlehem has become the brightest star that anybody has ever seen. It led the Magi on a search for a new Messiah, yet nobody else saw it. Was it a spectacular comet, a blazing supernova, or an astrologically significant alignment of planets? This is a quest to uncover the celestial truth behind this most famous of stars.

Legend of the Holy Spear When Christ was crucified 2,000 years ago a Roman guard thrust a spear in his side to see if he was still alive. In that moment a central tenet of Christian faith was realised: Jesus was dead, he was thus able to be resurrected. In that moment the spear that pierced him became a powerful holy relic. Today there are three Spears claiming to be the Holy Spear. This programme follows two specialist investigators attempting to discover which one might have been present at the crucifixion.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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