The Steamie [DVD]

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Tony Roper wrote The Steamie for Glasgow s Mayfest in 1987 and since then the play has always been in production somewhere in Britain.

This is now your chance to own the original version of the smash-hit of the year which played to packed audiences in the theatre and was watched by millions when it was produced for television.

Return to Hogmanay 1957 when a feisty bunch of Glasgow women Mrs Culfeather's, Dolly, Doreen and the irrepressible Magrit all meet at The Steamie to do the traditional family wash before the New Year.

Laugh once again at Mrs Culfeather's wonderful Galloway s mince, enjoy the fantasy phone call between Magrit and Dolly and wonder at the welly booted tango when Dolly bends over backwards to grab a rose in her teeth!

This is the definitive version of the most popular Scottish play of the last 30 years with the all star cast of Dorothy Paul as Magrit, Eileen McCallum as Dolly, Katy Murphy as Doreen, Sheila Donald as Mrs Culfeathers and in one of his earliest television roles a very young Peter Mullan, as Andy, the whisky loving handyman.

The Steamie is a joy and this is one part of your DVD collection you will watch and watch again!

First performed at the Crawford Theatre, Glasgow in 1987, The Steamie has kept audiences in hysterics for over 25 years.

In 2009 The Steamie came second in an online poll of STV s Top 30 Best Loved Shows.

BONUS FEATURE: A documentary telling The Steamie Story and how the play came to be an icon of Scottish culture, featuring interviews with writer Tony Roper and actress Dorothy Paul.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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