The State of the Ocean's Animals (hosted by Matt Damon) [DVD]

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Join Academy Award winning actor Matt Damon as he discovers how global warming, sea-level rise, over-fishing, and habitat destruction are beginning to empty the world's oceans.

Damon's dramatic journey takes us to the Pacific Northwest, (salmon and sea otters), New England (coastal fisheries), Florida (sea level rise and its effect on loggerhead turtles), Japan (the slaughter of dolphins), China (shark fin trade), the Antarctic (threats to Emperor Penguins), the Caribbean and Indonesia (coral reefs), and Africa (whales and coastal fisheries).

The State of the Ocean's Animals uncovers the diversity of our planet's marine life: the beauty, the incredible animals, and the dangers that threaten them all. The sobering reality is that our oceans are becoming dead zones. What was once ablaze with colour has become a world without life. The question that lies at the heart of the documentary is this:

How can the existence of one of our planet s most abundant resources be in jeopardy?

Most importantly, how can we repair the damage we have already created?

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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