The Raging Planet: Planet Storm

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Imagine a single storm consuming the entire earth and lasting hundreds of years, or an interplanetary storm devouring the whole solar system. Winds are clocked at up to fifteen hundred miles per hour, faster than the speed of sound. Lightning bolts sear the planet, ripping through black clouds and blinding us with the power of 30 million light bulbs. Dust devils whip up a frenzy, wiping out vast stretches of the planet. Apocalyptic weather reigns on other planets in our solar system but until now has never been experienced by man. Planet Storm explores Mars’ raging dust-storms, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and the extraordinary atmosphere of Io. We brave these titanic tempests, witness their awesome size and monstrous power and see them recreated back on earth where weather worlds collide.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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