The Queens Diamond Decades - The 90s [DVD]

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The 1990s began joyously for the Queen, as she became a grandmother for the sixth time and prepared to mark 40 years on the throne. But this would be the decade in which the monarchy endured some of the worst crises of modern times. In 1992, the Royal Familys private lives became a media sensation as three of Her Majestys children suffered the pain of marital breakdown. After Windsor Castle was ravaged by fire, the Queen proclaimed 1992 an ˜Annus Horribilis. Her Majesty proudly opened the Channel Tunnel in May 1994 and weeks later marked the 50th anniversary of D-Day. When Tony Blairs New Labour swept into power, Cool Britannia ruled the day “ and the Royal Yacht Britannia said farewell. But 1997 would be remembered above all for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. However, the Queen and Prince Philips Golden Wedding anniversary brought much-needed cheer and the decade ended on a high note for Her Majesty when her youngest son, Prince Edward, wed Sophie Rhys-Jones. What would the new millennium have in store for Queen and country?

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