The Queens Diamond Decades - The 60s [DVD]

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The arrival of the 1960s found Britain in an optimistic mood. Post-war austerity had given way to something of a consumer boom and the times were a-changing. The Royal Family was expanding fast. The Queen gave birth to Prince Andrew in 1960, ten years after Princess Anne, and Prince Edward was born in 1964. The Queen's sister, Princess Margaret, followed suit with a son and a daughter following her marriage to an untitled society photographer. Four lads from Liverpool were topping charts and breaking hearts on both sides of the Atlantic. The whole world, though, stopped in its tracks following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. At home, we mourned the passing of the great wartime leader, Sir Winston Churchill, while England rejoiced a year later after winning the 1966 World Cup. Swinging London's pop culture dominated the world: Mary Quant's miniskirt would become one of the decade's defining trends. The Queen rounded off the 1960s by crowning Prince Charles the Prince of Wales, as Concorde took to the skies. A spectacular close to this colourful decade. Would the 1970s be as exciting?

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