The Predator Coast (DVD-R)

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The Predator Coast is a unique part of Africa ruled on land by lions and crocodiles and out at sea, by sharks, dolphins and gannets. But all must bow to the ultimate master a coastal plain that has the seasonal power to give life and take it away. This may be a coast of predators, but in truth it is the Predator Coast. The cycle of seasons affects both hunter and hunted. This story begins in summer, the time of plenty. Animals have ample to eat and predators can use the dense green cover to hunt. A young leopard practices its hunting skills on a troop of monkeys predator wins the game of cat and mouse, and it's a gruesome lesson for the troop. As the summer rains dwindle on the coastal savannah, the hungry lions become more desperate hunters. Out at sea, the big Tiger sharks are leaving the cooling waters and their escorts, the Blacktips, grow hungrier and hungrier. As winter sets in, lion and buffalo are locked in a stand-off. Crocodiles sneak in to steal hard-won food. The tightening grip on the Blacktips affects the dolphins and gannets too and they all must travel to find food.

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Type: Region 2 DVD

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