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In a remote Thai village, a mother, at risk of losing her baby, is being rushed five hours through the countryside to a district hospital. Will she get the emergency caesarean she needs to save her child? In the backstreets of Istanbul, a poor man is dying of lung cancer. Will his local hospital be able to provide him with the operation he needs to prolong his life? In an affluent corner of Texas, a patient is recovering from routine back surgery. How will he meet the exorbitant health bill he has been presented with? In a series of powerful films, based on compelling human dramas, we explore some of the major health issues facing the world today. What makes a good doctor? How do you work with big pharmaceutical companies? How do you provide affordable care to the poor? These films demonstrate the dramatic stories of individual characters facing life-and-death decisions that affect patients and their relatives, as well as the nurses and doctors.

Thailand’s Remote Lifesavers • Turkey’s Transformation • The UK’s Frontline
Brazil’s Real Drugs War • Canada’s New Doctors • China’s Unique Challenge

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Type: Region 2 DVD

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