Prince Charles - A King In Waiting [DVD] [DVD] [2007]

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In 'Prince Charles - A King in Waiting' we present a comprehensive biography(52 minutes) of his extraordinary life.

We follow the twists and turns of his tempestuous marriage to Diana, haunted as it was by the ever-looming shadow of Camilla, Charles' first and only true love. We watch a royal marriage collapse and flounder, in a lurid and dismayingly public scandal, that saw the heir to the throne's intimate love life humiliatingly revealed.

We see how this supposedly weak prince, scorned and reviled in the feverish aftermath of Diana's death, bore himself with dignity and courage. How he changed his life and himself, as father to William and Harry. And how he continues to stand by his constant love, Camilla, in a calculated bid to make her a woman - and probably a wife - fit for a King.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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