The Nuclear Game [DVD] [DVD] [2012]

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œThe Nuclear Game? is an insightful, informed documentary which reveals the facts behind the many secrets of the world of nuclear play.

How easy is it to buy uranium on-line?

How much plutonium and uranium gets smuggled?

How well do arms inspections work?

The truth about the nuclear games that the politicians and the military play¦ The programme also looks at the story of nuclear proliferation.

How many countries have the nuclear bomb?

How did some of them get it?

Made by David Cohen in 2001 but still full of contemporary relevance, the programme features interviews with Josef Rotbalt (Nobel winner), Wendy Sherman (President Clintons aide for dealing with North Korea), Iraqi defector Khamir Hamza (who makes fascinating claims about Saddams nuclear activities) and William Timbers (whose company buys uranium from the USSR).

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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