The Natural World: Understanding The Oceans [DVD]

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There is a vast and mysterious world just offshore. A place of undiscovered species, cures for deadly diseases and the keys to the weather. It's dangerous and threatening and at the same time beautiful and appealing. Are the ice caps melting? Is the planet getting hotter? Will sea levels rise? The answer to many global warming questions lie in the sea. Understanding Oceans investigates the oceans currents, winds and weather systems. We demonstrate ˜The Great Conveyor Belt, the circular process of warm water moving north, sinking in the Atlantic and then returning back to the equator. We study the effect the moon has on the ebb and flow of tides and look at the ever-changing formations of waves. We venture to the deepest part of the ocean to find what lurks beneath. Finally, we look at the global challenges of pollution and diminishing fish stocks and what needs to be done to balance human demands against the ocean's resources.

Category: Documentaries, Nature

Type: Region 2 DVD

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