The Natural World: Spirits Of The Rainforest [DVD]

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Three thousand miles from the mouth of the Amazon River, along the base of the towering Andes, lies the Manu Biosphere Reserve “ the world's largest and most pristine rainforest. Celebrate the beauty of this region with the stunning aerial and ground footage of ˜Spirits of the Rainforest. Enriched by glimpses into the day-to-day life of the native Machiguenga tribe, the film interweaves the natural history of the area with the Machiguengas' myths and legends. The cameras follow Merino, a highly skilled hunter, into the heart of the forest as he teaches his son to catch spider monkeys. We also study the giant otters of the Manu River and the unbelievable birdlife that thrives in this most natural of environments. Spirits of the Rainforest tells the story of the land, the legends and the legacies in thisremote and resplendent region.

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