The Natural World: Land Of The Mammoth [DVD]

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For twenty thousand years, a woolly mammoth lay trapped in an icy tomb on the Taimyr Peninsula of Arctic Siberia. In 1999, French explorer Bernard Buigues raised the mammoth and had it airlifted to an ice cave for defrosting. Now, Bernard has an even greater goal: to paint a complete picture of the mammoth's world¦ its life and death¦ and ultimately to examine the causes of the mass extinctions that changed the face of the Taimyr at the end of the last Ice Age. Three theories of extinction are explored. Did the woolly mammoth vanish from our planet because of sudden climatic change¦ or a lethal virus¦ or did man cause his untimely extinction? Finally, current DNA research leads experts to consider the most hotly debated controversy of all: can the extinct woolly mammoth be cloned? The mystery is waiting to unfold as we bring to life a long lost world in the "Land of the Mammoth."

Category: Documentaries, Nature

Type: Region 2 DVD

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