The Legendary T-Rex [DVD]

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No other dinosaur has held a more ferocious grip on our imagination than Tyrannosaurus Rex. The size of T-Rex is frightening. Three times the height of a man, it weighed up to seven tons. Its powerful jaw was filled with jagged, nine-inch teeth. Most frightening of all, this gigantic animal was a flesh-eater, the largest carnivorous dinosaur ever to stalk the Earth. But a new breed of palaeontologists are now challenging T-Rex's reputation as the ultimate killing machine and even questioning whether it was a predator or just an overgrown scavenger. Like a vulture, T-Rex could have used its size to scare other scavengers away from dead carcasses. In addition, the tiny size of T-Rex's arms rendered them useless for hunting as it would not have been able to stabilise its prey. It also had a femur and tibia of the same length, meaning it could not run very fast. Other scientists argue that by far the most compelling evidence that T-Rex was indeed a predator were its senses. A large meat-eating dinosaur had to be able to find its potential victims and T-Rex had an incredibly keen sense of smell and hearing as well as stereoscopic vision which made it easier to see movement. Predator or opportunist, this gripping documentary examines both sides of the argument. The viewer is taken to fossil sites all over America to get up close to the Tyrant Lizard King and hear first-hand from the world's pre-eminent T-Rex experts.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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