The Great War: Air Power Technology [DVD]

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In 1909, Louis Bleriot managed to fly across the English Channel, an event which wakened military commanders to aviations potential. Just five years later, at the outbreak of war, aircraft were to play an increasingly important role in reconnaissance and range-finding for the artillery. In the latter stages of the conflict, their roles included ground attack and long-range bombing. The technologies used by both sides were largely similar and any slight improvement could give a significant advantage. In the Germans case, it was the arrival of the Fokker monoplane that terrorised the Allied airmen. However, the reorganisation of Britains fledgling aircraft industry coupled with new, faster and better armed designs meant that the advantage passed back to the Allies. This was also the era of the œAce? - men who became household names, their daring deeds faithfully reported by an eager public grown weary of the failure of the Army and Navy to force a decisive victory.

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