The Great War 1918: Germany's Last Gamble [DVD]

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Using new 'Storm Trooper tactics, the Germans launched attacks against the British with devastating results. In just three weeks the Allies lost 400,000 men. Completely overwhelmed, General Haig issued his famous œBacks to the Wall? message to the troops. However, the lack of resources caused by the naval blockade and the first appearance of œSpanish Influenza? meant that the German forces were unable to push on.Their collapse was rapid aided by the operations of the American forces who launched their first attack at St Mihiel near Verdun. Panic in the German High Command led to an Armistice which began on November 11th, 1918.The Great War was finally over but at the enormous cost of 10 million lives.The subsequent negotiations punished Germany so harshly that the British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, predicted another war would be fought within 25 years.

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