The Great War 1917: The Breaking Of Armies [DVD]

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The most catastrophic revolt of all occurred in the Russian Army where hundreds of thousands of soldiers deserted. Russias Great War was essentially over. Germany moved many more troops to the Western Front and despite Americas entry into the war, it would not be until 1918 when the full effect of their involvement would be appreciated. Following the unmitigated disaster at Aisne, discontent among the French army forced their High Command to implement a number of improvements for the men. Morale was further restored by a string of allied successes. Spectacular gains were achieved by Canadian forces at Vimy Ridge and the Battle of Messines paved the way for the much larger Third Battle of Ypres. In November, the Battle of Cambrai heralded the first time tanks were used with marked success. These gains were offset by the disastrous Battle of Caporetto in which the Italian forces lost all their artillery. By Christmas, both sides realised that 1918 would be a decisive year.

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