The Great War 1915: Death In Foreign Fields [DVD]

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This was typified by the ill-fated allied landings in Turkey and the entry of Italy into the war. 1915 was to see warfare take on a new dimension with the bombing of British cities by Zeppelin airships. Germany also began U-Boat attacks on neutral shipping, a policy that would contribute to the United States entering the war. Gas was also used for the first time.The Germans utilised it with limited success against the Russian forces at Bolimov but, at the Second Battle of Ypres, the full devastating effects of gas became clear with severe losses on both British and German sides. The Italians faced awful hardships too as the twelve battles along the Isonzo River, in present day Slovenia, were to end in stalemate or disaster. The year ended with the Allies making their withdrawal from Gallipoli. In many ways that event typified their fortunes throughout 1915, small gains at an enormous cost in mens lives.

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