The great alien conspiracy. [DVD]

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The Great Alien Conspiracy. Conspiracy theories arent new and there are many people who believe the biggest cover-ups of all time are conducted by governments in relation to UFO activity. When the atom bomb exploded in 1945 it coincided with the first witness reports of UFO sightings. Did the exploding bomb send a ripple of energy through the solar system, was Earth suddenly on another planets radar? All of a sudden we were not alone anymore.
But for every report that was lodged by a member of the public there was an official explanation for the unexplained activity. Many think this is when the subterfuge began. People believe that the government will go to any length to hide the truth.
We hear from an ex-military man who maintains that he was instructed to hide evidence and keep secret what he personally witnessed. To this day he cannot get his story corroborated officially, a story of crashed spacecraft and dead aliens.
With so many sightings, could they all be mistakes? Or, in a solar system the size of ours, is it absurd to think that we are the only planet with intelligent life? Will we ever be allowed to know?

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Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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