The Desert Generals [DVD]

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In this two part DVD, originally shown on the History Channel, Tim Collins re-investigates critical Britain's World War Two desert campaign, and the controversial battle tactics needed to take on the unbeaten Panzer army in total war, preventing Hitler from gaining Egypt, Iraq and the oilfields.

This is the story of four desert commanders: Auchinleck, Alexander, Montgomery and Dorman Smith. The story is told with film archive, key military personnel and historians and CGI reenactment

Foreshadowing current world events, this oil-rich region was crucial to the war effort. These are the World War II battles that shaped the Middle East, and created the world in which we live today.

'...this measured, well-constructed film examines the psychology behind Montgomerys and Rommels tactics, explaining how they have foreshadowed subsequent desert skirmishes.
The Sunday Times.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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