Discovery Channel Moments in Time - The Crusades [DVD]

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In the late 11th Century, Muslim sultans ruled most of North Africa, Spain and the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. Acre, today Northern Israel, was a lively Muslim city, a major port and an important commercial centre. Acre was also the gateway to the western worlds most sacred piece of real estate, the Holy Land, a city sacred to Muslims, Christians and Jews. Over the next two centuries, Christian and Muslim armies locked themselves into a deadly embrace, each vying for the rulership of this coveted piece of land. From 1096 to 1291, the lands of todays middle-east changed hands repeatedly in a series of eight crusades. Before the sides finally parted, tens of thousands of soldiers had been killed in a glut of bloody battles and massacres. For some, the dark history of the Crusades evokes the violence that still plagues the middle east today. A thousand years ago, a war between two worlds transformed this centre of faith into an unholy battlefield. Today, archeologists probe the moment in time when the cycle of intolerance and violence began.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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