The Complete NASA Collection [DVD]

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Journey behind the scenes, for a rare glimpse into NASA's world of high technology. Inside the Space Shuttle - From launch to landing, go behind the scenes for a rare glimpse into NASA's world of high technology and go nose to nose with the world's most amazing flying machine. Last Shuttle: Our Journey -For nearly 30 years, the Columbia, Endeavor, Atlantis and Discovery shuttles have played a vital role in every American mission to space. This programme says farewell to the shuttles that kept Hubble alive and took mankind to the stars. Space Shuttle: Countdown to Comeback - In the wake of the Columbia space shuttle tragedy, NASA scientists and engineers have been consumed by a single desire, to get America's space program back on track. The wait is finally over. Return to Flight - February 1st, 2003. A nation wakes to images of the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrating into a shower of hot metal in the skies over Texas. All seven on board are lost. With the future of human space exploration uncertain, the NASA family vows to find the cause of the accident, fix it, and return safely to flight. NASA's Unexplained Files - With unique NASA footage and ground-breaking interviews from both astronauts and scientists, we explore the idea that there may be life outside of our planet. 

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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