The Big Silence [DVD]

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'Many of the world's religions believe there is one simple path that leads us to God' ,says Abbot Christopher Jamison, 'it's called silence'. In this programme, originally shown on BBC2, Abbot Christopher Jamison, a Benedictine monk, believes that he can teach five ordinary people the value of silent meditation, as practised by monks in monasteries, so they can make it part of their everyday lives. After their time of retreat is over, will they return to their oild ways or have they learned valuable lessons that profoundly change their lives forever? He sets up a three-month experiment to test out whether the ancient Chrisitan tradition of silence can become part of modern lives. Three one hour programmes are featured on two discs. Visit the Growing into Silence site for more reading on this subject

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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