The Bear Grylls Mega Collection

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When you think of survival experts and outdoor adventurers there are few men who fit the bill more perfectly than the former SAS man and survival expert, Bear Grylls.  This collection celebrates the spirit of Bear as we accompany him across the planet, to the harshest environments to discover how he makes survival seem a possibility for all of us, not just the experts.

Born Survivor sees Bear prove himself as the ultimate survivor, as he travels to the four corners of the world encountering some of the toughest conditions known to man, including swamps, deserts, volcanos and jungles, along the way he demonstrates some of his incredible survival techniques.  

Bear Grylls:  Breaking Point sees Bear take everyday people on a journey to face their fears.  He helps them tackle life long phobias including rats, spiders and insects.  But it s no tea party for Bear either, as he ll be sent way out of his comfort zone and put under extreme pressure as he tries to encourage, empower and cajole his companions into facing down their demons. 

Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell goes beyond mere endurance skills; it s a revealing insight into the human spirit under phenomenal pressure. It marries emotion and real experience into a show-stopping format that celebrates instinct, endeavour and the will to survive in the face of Mother Nature s most awe-inspiring dangers. 

Worst Case Scenario with Bear Grylls demonstrates how having the right knowledge and a touch of ingenuity can help anyone escape from a potentially life-threatening situation. Bear teaches viewers the skills needed to succeed in survival in the most disparate situations, from escaping a sinking car, pulling a man from a burning truck to fending off a wild dog. 

From the Amazon jungle to the polar ice caps, Bear Grylls has seen and survived pretty much everything that the natural world has to throw at him which is why, when he is blown away by a clip of human survival in Bear Grylls: Extreme Survival Caught on Camera you know it is going to be pretty special. From parachutes that don t open to bungee cords that snap, elephant attacks to runaway cars, survivors share their stories.

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