The Battering Ram Robbery [DVD]

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During a two year reign of terror across the UK, a gang of ruthless criminals targeted cash-in-transit vans and high security depots, stealing a total of £1.1 million in a number of violent and aggressive assaults. The gang, consisting of criminals from Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham had a highly elaborate, but effective, method of stealing cash. Heavy goods vehicles, armed with battering rams welded onto the front or back, were driven at speed into their targets. The men would then use sawn-off shotguns to threaten and intimidate staff, before making their escape. It took a nationwide Police operation to finally bring the thieves to justice, but not before the gang had managed to steal a Police vehicle and flee the scene. The investigation ended in one of the largest recoveries of cash ever made in the country, with almost £1 million seized and given back to its rightful owners.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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