The Baker Street Robbery [DVD]

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In September 1971, one of the most death defying robberies to take place in the UK happened right in the heart of the capital. An audacious gang devised a plot to tunnel into a bank vault in busy Baker Street, London. Using explosives and heavy duty drilling equipment they spent days digging through mounds of earth to get to their treasure. But in a twist of fate, a local radio enthusiast accidentally tuned into a frequency being used by the robbers. Hearing the robbery unfold, he alerted the Police and the chase began. In an investigation that ultimately rocked the Establishment, with conspiracy theories involving the Royal family, the Baker Street robbery has gone down in the annals of British criminal history. This revealing programme features an interview with one of the key Police officers on the case at the time, Ron Ratcliffe, as well as Robert Rowlands, the radio enthusiast who listened in to the thieves' conversation, and also includes the actual audio recordings of the gang from that night.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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