The Art of Driving a Steam Locomotive With Clive Groome [DVD]

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It was the job every schoolboy wanted but only a madman took on! The unflappable Clive Groome is our expert driving instructor and talks in detail about the skill and knowledge required to handle one of the most responsible jobs in Britain. Clive describes driving a steam engine as managing a mobile bomb at 80mph while standing on a small platform fitted with simple controls. This programme covers every aspect of the job, from observing and obeying signals to understanding the dangers of letting speed run away with you and how to avoid going into slip. It is not intended to provide a complete A-Z of the control layout on the footplate but instead offer an outline of the disiplines and attitudes that make it possible to operate locomotives efficiantly, safely and with minimal physical effort. Throughout the programme, Clive relates lovely tales of his time on the mainline and his extensive experience and easy style makes this a programme that will be enjoyed by all lovers of steam.

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