The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Giza [DVD]

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Author and archaeologist John Romer contemplates the mythical aspects of the Seven Wonders, exploring the enduring fascination of the only surviving Wonder, the Pyramids.

After the Pyramids, we then focus our attention on the city of Rome which had become a magical city, surrounded by a wall of iron enclosing seven hills, one for each day of The Creation and one for the Creator's rest. There were three hundred and sixty-five squares in Rome, three hundred and sixty-five streets, three hundred and sixty-five palaces for the popes and each palace had three hundred and sixty-five steps. It was dream of poor people, imagining a legendary past. A past of endless wealth and wonder.

This programme demonstrates how the story of the Wonders is also the story of the modern imagination and has John Romer travelling from Australia to New York to illustrate how people are still haunted by ghosts of the ancient past.

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