Taggart: Double Exposure [DVD]

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When an elderly man, Phillip McLean, is found murdered in his home, his relatives are the first to come under suspicion. The blame immediately falls on the dead man's wife, Margaret, and his lover Sharon Lal. Both claim to be shocked by his death, but Taggart is not convinced. However, as Taggart and Jardine begin to work the case a second similar murder occurs and the Taggart team is baffled by crimes with no connection other than a possible racial link. When a witness states that she saw McLean arguing with a young Asian man shortly before his death the hunt widens to find him. Meanwhile, the attacks continue at the tenement building. Could the murders be related to a motive not so obvious to the all-seeing eye? In order to help them get to the bottom of the case, Taggart and his team are helped by a young police constable, Jackie Reid.

Category: Drama, Taggart

Type: Region 2 DVD

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