Surviving Sharks [DVD-R]

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Les Stroud puts himself in some of the most frightening scenarios imaginable to find out what, if anything, you can do when you cross paths with some of the deadliest species of sharks on the planet. Les heads to the Bahamas and enlists the help of shark expert, Stuart Cove, to see whether reef sharks attack more aggressively during daylight or dark. Along with the help of resident marine biologist and researcher, Dr. Alexandra Malkovich, Les and Stuart conduct a never-before-seen experiment in which two chumsicles (225kg blocks of frozen fish) are submerged, one in the daytime and one at night, to find out if theres a time of day when you can swim among reef sharks without fear of attack. Les continues his quest halfway around the globe in Shark Alley, South Africa. Les and marine biologist, Jeremiah Sullivan, conduct an analysis of the bite of the great white, and test the latest shark suit to find out if it can protect divers from even these massive predators. Next, Les wants to know whether it is best to swim or play dead and whether you should bunch together or go it alone when stranded in shark-filled waters. Les puts his theories to the test with the legendary tiger shark, one of the most aggressive shark species and among the most likely to attack humans who cross their path. After exploring shark attack scenarios, Les tests the tools that are believed to prevent these potentially deadly encounters, and that might just save your life.

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Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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