Storm Chasers Season 5 [DVD]

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When All Hell Is Breaking Loose, Seconds Mean Survival. The Great Plains area of the United States encompasses 700,000 square miles of flatland, which is why the region is also known as Tornado Alley. Each spring, changing weather patterns create a recipe for catastrophe. Colliding air masses crash into each other with devastating force, producing deadly twisters that ravage human life and property. Every year, a motley collection of scientists, enthusiasts and eccentrics brace themselves for another season of storm chasing. Their goal is to spot one of Mother Nature's deadliest and most violent creations: the tornado. But for our Storm Chasers team, seeing a tornado is not enough; the team hopes to achieve the impossible and actually go INSIDE one of these storms! Join extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer, IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey and veteran chaser Tim Samaras for a new season of tracking monster tornadoes, including the unprecedented day when 200 tornadoes claimed over 300 lives.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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