St John's Revolt [DVD]

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St. Johns idyllic coves are havens for the well-heeled and world weary. But underneath the plush towels and designer beach bags, lies a more troublesome past. Flash back to 1733 and the island of St John was in the midst of a revolution. In one coordinated attack, African slaves had revolted and managed to gain a foothold of freedom in the new world. Although short-lived this was the first successful slave revolt in Caribbean history. Ultimately, French manpower from the island of Martinique helped quash the revolt, and for a time, the slave trade continued to pour people from Africa into the island's sugar cane fields. However, recent discoveries have unearthed a community of free men that evidently flourished on the island in he years following this brave uprising.

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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