Space's Deepest Secrets

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A few generations ago travelling to the Moon was hard to imagine, and beyond the Moon, a pipe dream. Today there is a new breed of explorer, tasked with going deep into space to unlock and reveal first-ever views of alien worlds and cosmic bodies far beyond anyone’s imagination. Space’s Deepest Secrets shares the stories of the men and women who pushed their ingenuity and curiosity beyond the limits to uncover some of the most groundbreaking findings in the history of space exploration This fascinating programme introduces viewers to the minds behind NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto, the Hubble Telescope and four other past, current and future missions and projects. Carolyn Porco and Alan Stern are among those who put their careers and lives on the line to embark upon missions that resulted in feats ranging from the discovery of water vapor on one of Saturn’s moons, to the first attempted exploration of Pluto. These extraordinary men and women give personal firsthand accounts of how they accomplished the seemingly impossible. Viewers will experience awe and wonder as they step into the centre of mysteries in space, unlocked and revealed first hand by those who engineered and executed each mission.

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Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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