Short Attention Span Science (aka The Quick and the Curious)

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Ever wonder about science's most curious questions but don't have the time to research the answer? Life is moving faster than ever and everything is on the clock! Short Attention Span is the cure for every ADD-riddled viewer who wants to understand to life's most perplexing questions in 163 seconds or less. . Why
163 seconds? Because the average length of a video on the internet is exactly 163 seconds, making it the current sweet spot of human attention span!

Each episode tackles topics ranging from the Big Bang to why jingles get stuck in our heads.

Hack My Commute, The Coming Robot Apocalypse, Secret Science of Cat Videos
Dung Beetle Star Search, How to Walk on Water, Secret of Eternal Youth

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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