Ships That Changed The World [DVD]

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This BBC series looks beyond the legacy of the Titanic to reveal the full story of how Belfast's Harland & Wolff , tucked away on the Western edge of Europe became the site of the worlds largest and greatest shipyard.

Michael Appleton, producer said: œThe story of the Titanic is well known, but the fact that tiny Northern Ireland on the far-flung margins of Europe was the biggest player in global shipbuilding is still our ˜secret history.

Belfast produced one in every eight ships afloat on the planet at one time, and even before she built the Titanic, the shipyard really transformed the White Star Line into the biggest name in transatlantic passenger shipping.

Director David Starkey employs a restless inventory of surprises to bring this story to life, Glowfrog Studios in London created the CGI effects, and National Museums Northern Ireland provided access to hitherto lost Titanic footage.?

Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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