Secret Space Escapes

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What’s it like to leave Earth to explore the unknown? How does it feel to be in space? What happens when you’re in space and something goes terribly wrong? Secret Space Escapes reveals terrifying accidents, fights for survival and stories of close calls and near misses by the astronauts who survived them. The series kicks off back in 1997, when, as part of the historic Shuttle-Mir programme, NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger launches for a long-duration stay aboard the Russian Space Station Mir. The eleven-year-old Mir is aging and riddled with technical problems. A little after a month into his visit Linenger and the rest of the crew find themselves facing the first of several life-Threatening near-catastrophes. Aging equipment wasn’t Mir’s only problem: a deadly collision in orbit punctured the hull of the space station, and an astronaut was trapped in an airlock with only a depleted oxygen tank to survive. When people talk about dangerous jobs, an astronaut certainly has to be at the top of the list. We discover the many complications and near disasters the astronauts face performing routine maintenance on their spacecrafts. These are the stories that have translated so well to edge-of-your-seat space movies, but they are also real-life situations that have been taken straight from the astronauts’ diaries.

Category: Science

Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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