Roswell 'The Truth' [DVD]

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Roswell ˜The Truth Today the name of Roswell in southern New Mexico is synonymous with aliens. Visitors to the town will immediately be inundated with a barrage of extraterrestrial paraphernalia, but is this over commercialisation obscuring the truth? Is this really the town where aliens landed and the United States government made the conscious decision to hide the truth from the world?
Back in 1947 Roswell was best known as the home to the United States 509th bomb squad. That all changed when a report was made by a local rancher that a UFO had crashed on his land. Worldwide headlines followed but then the story was dramatically changed.
For many years the reports made at the time have been hidden and the testimonies suppressed. But now we investigate if this was actually one of the most profoundly significant UFO encounters of all time?

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Category: Documentaries

Type: Region 2 DVD

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